The ABA was founded in 1954, to promote beekeeping as a hobby.


We currently have 17 clubs/branches throughout NSW, providing information and support to over 1,000 amateur beekeepers.


The ABA provides:

How to join the ABA

Membership is handled at branch-level. Please contact your local branch for details of how to join.
Contact the ABA Secretary if you need help finding a branch.

Why join the ABA?

Becoming a member of the NSW ABA (through your local club) provides you with a number of benefits:


Some club members have many years of beekeeping experience. As a member you will learn much about beekeeping from your fellow members, both in general discussion and in supportive, practical experience when inspection the club’s beehives, and take part in activities such as extracting honey, re-queening and inspecting a hive.

Support and Encouragement

Support and encouragement from fellow enthusiastic and knowledgeable beekeepers is an excellent way to gain beekeeping skills to assist you in your hobby.


Members can borrow club equipment (e.g. extractors, comb knife) to enable you to extract your honey without the need to purchase these items.


The club has a number of beekeeping related books that can be borrowed by members.


Low cost personal beekeeping insurance can be obtained.

Queens/Nucleus Hives

Many clubs raise their own queens for sale to members. Nucleus hives are also available



If you have found a swarm of bees, a local beekeeper may be able to catch and remove it for you.

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can become a beekeeper, or find out more about beekeeping by contacting your local club.

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