Amateur Beekeepers GPB Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

The Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW Incorporated (ABA) in association with Insurance Advisernet Australia (IA) (AFS Licence No. 240549) has arranged access for members to Public and Products Liability insurance cover.

IA, is one of Australia’s biggest and most trusted General Insurance Brokers. For over 10 years, IA has handled insurance for many thousands of customers enabling it to provide appropriate cover and service. Public & Products Liability cover is underwritten by JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd through Lloyds of London.

As an ABA member you have access to exclusive member coverage and premiums which have been negotiated for your benefit.

In summary the Public and Products Liability insurance cover provides protection for members. Please referrer to the listed documentation for further information on the coverage details.

In relation to this offering ABA will act as your representative in negotiating coverage terms and premiums for the benefit of all members. Further we will act as a conduit between members and our IA Authorised Representative Irecon Insurance Services Pty Ltd (Irecon) as Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 355956). As part of this arrangement and at no charge to our members, we undertake to provide the following:

Documentation and information to members as provided by IA including;

  • Financial Services Guide, inclusive of contact details for our IA Authorised Representative
  • Policy Schedule and Tax Invoice
  • A copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, detailing the product terms and conditions
  • Renewal notices
  • Insurance Certificates
  • If applicable cancellation and/or notice of non-renewal

We also need to advise you of our obligation to compensate you for any loss or damage if we fail to notify you of the above as required.

In providing this facility to members ABA will not receive any rebates or commissions from IA, its Authorised Representative or the Insurer for arranging for the issue of insurance coverage. (We may however charge a fee to cover the administration cost to us in providing this facility).

ABA does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence and as such advises that you should consider obtaining your own financial product advice about the above product and its suitability to your individual needs from an appropriately qualified financial services advisor.

If you have any questions in relation to the product, coverage provided, cost of same and/ or currency of coverage please contact Dave Wilson at ABA or contact Loretta Casey of Irecon our IA Authorised Representative who will be happy to assist. 4

As outlined in the enclosed brochure, Public and Products Liability cover offers a comprehensive range of benefits. The cost to each member to purchase cover is listed below.

Hive NumbersPremiumGSTStamp DutyIA FeeTotal
1-20$25.00$2.50 $2.48$14.03$44.00

Should you wish to participate in the facility please contact ABA and we will provide you with all relevant documentation. We will also provide you with a receipt following your payment of the insurance costs.