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Beginning in Bees course - Northern Rivers

Beginning in Bees

A hands-on introductory course for new and beginning beekeepers.

This 4 day course will run from 8.30am to 12.30pm on consecutive Saturdays.

When? Starting 18th June 2016

Where?  Richmond River Area

Cost?    Non-members $120, members $80 upfront.

Includes a book“BeeAgSkills”, by the NSW Dept of Primary Industries (value $25),  andfor non-members, membership of NRABA .

Appropriate clothing must be worn.  Veils will be provided.

Run by             Northern Rivers Amateur Beekeeping Association Inc.



Course instructors will be experienced beekeepers from the club, and there will be one instructor to 3 learners when looking in hives.  The hives will be in various apiaries, but will generally be of the conventional (Langstroth) type. Other hive designs will be discussed.

The attached form can be used to register either at a NRABA meeting (held last Sunday of the month see Echo or above contacts) or at the residence of B. Window, 54 Donnans Road, Lismore Heights.   On receipt of the course fee, the applicant will be given a copy of “Bee AgSkills” which should be read before and during the course.

Things to think about

Before spending time and money starting in beekeeping, it might be a good idea to consider the following:

  • When taking up beekeeping, there should be no doubt in your mind that sooner or later you will get stung by one or more bees, and you will experience adverse reactions to the sting. These can range from minor discomfort to life threatening in very few cases.
  • If you are very allergic to bee stings, you should not undertake this course or take up beekeeping.
  • If any of your family is very allergic to bee stings, you should not keep beehives at home.
  • You must be prepared to look after your hives.  They are like any livestock and need to be cared for.
  • There is a cost in setting up a beehive.
  • It can be a profitable hobby or profession.

Course Overview

  • A hands-on introductory course for beginner beekeepers.
  • Protective clothing, tools and safety.
  • Practical experience in maintaining and managing a beehive.
  • Beekeeping terminology.
  • A basic understanding of the mechanisms and physiology of a beehive.
  • Beehive management for hive health and productivity.
  • Inspection and manipulation of the hive..
  • Honey flora, extraction and storage basics.
  • Diseases and pests
  • Hive establishment

Course Structure

Each session will be made up of a one hour lecture and question/answer session, followed after coffee by nearly 3 hours working on hives in groups of 3 to 5.

All participants will be required to wear a long-sleeved shirt and jeans ( or similar), and shoes or boots.  The clothing should be light coloured and dense.  Avoid wool, felt hats, jewellery, and perfumed sprays or insect repellants.   Those who have their own beekeeping suit can bring it.

This course is based on one offered originally by the Hunter Valley Branch of the ABA.

Earlier Event: 15 May