April is Sugar Shake Month

The ABA is joining forces with the DPI to help beekeepers learn how and why to perform this essential health check.

Sugar shaking is a simple test. It is quick and easy - and does not harm the bees. It will help detect varroa parasites when (not if) they arrive in Australia. So it's really important that we all learn how to do the check now.

Amateur beekeepers, because we can keep a close watch on all our hives, could be the first to spot a varroa incursion. And that could mean the difference between Australia being able to act quickly and eliminate the deadly pests, or racing to try to contain them when they have already spread through the bee population.

You have an important role in protecting our bees -- so learn to sugar shake now.

Your local club will be distributing free sugar shake kits to members in April. These have been supplied by the DPI. Clubs are also encouraged to show members how to perform a sugar shake test and to help with any questions.