We have recently started a beekeepers club in Yass. We have a nucleus of about eight, some of whom are registered beekeepers, and some of whom are complete beginners. If you would like to join us, we would be delighted.

Our plan to run the club is that during the warmer months we would meet at a member’s place. We would hold the formal part (as briefly as possible) before looking at the member’s hive(s) and doing whatever task was necessary at that time. This might mean checking the brood, checking the honey levels, honey extraction, re-queening etc.

During the cooler months there would be meetings inside, probably Yass Community Centre. At these meetings we would be able to discuss matters relating to beekeeping (e.g. pest and disease management and prevention). There would also be scope to do tasks such as assembling hive parts and general maintenance of equipment.

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