What number do I put on my hives to identify I own them?

The ABA regularly hears from beekeepers who are confused by the rules. Here's what you need to know

Mark the brood box of each hive with what the NSW DPI refers to as your “registration number”.  If you registered recently, it will be two letters – N for New South Wales, and then the first letter of your surname – followed by three or four numbers. Do not get confused by two other identifiers on DPI forms – the GLS Licence Number and the Renewal Number. These codes are purely for keeping track of records in the department’s systems and can be up to 11 digits.

Your beekeeper rego should be “clearly displayed” on the broodbox of each hive – permanent marker or paint is fine, though some beekeepers prefer to use a branding iron for security as a seared mark is difficult to disguise or remove.

If you put swarm catching boxes outside your home property, you must put your rego number PLUS your name and contact number in characters at least 25mm tall on each box.