Parramatta newsletter - November 2018

In this issue:

  • November Meeting Feature – First Aid (including how to use an Epi pen)

  • Beginning in Bees training

  • Parramatta City’s Foundation Day Celebration, Sunday, 4 November 2018

  • December Feature – Brazilian Barbecue

  • Parramatta club t-shirts and caps

  • Flower Power Event 2018

  • Hive collection at Rosehill Railway Station

  • Tocal 2018 – wax tips

  • Club shop

  • Handy contact details

  • Calendar - 2018

  • Calendar - 2019

The Amateur Beekeeper - October/November 2018

In this issue:

  • Biosecurity: AFB Awareness Month

  • Seasonal: Tallowwood: all show, no joy

  • President’s letter: What AHBIC does for beekeepers

  • Biosecurity quiz: Are you slack or superb? Find out

  • Club news: Yass’ grand apiary opening

  • Swarm season update

  • Technology: Electronic hive monitoring: How it works, what to avoid

  • Beekeeping rules: Know your code. Find the error

  • Tocal Field Day

  • ABA contacts

  • Know your code answer

  • Book reviews

    • The Contented Bee

    • Bees of Australia: Photography

  • Council Meeting details

  • Apimondia 2019: Montreal

  • Insects: Are we being rough on wasps?

  • Member news

  • Inveterate inventor: Branding boxes

  • How to contact clubs

Mid North Coast newsletter - September 2018

Mid North Coast newsletter - September 2018

Lord Howe Island sits in the middle of the Tasman Sea and is a remnant of a massive volcanic ridge.

The Island is home to many endemic species of plants, birds and marine life. Much of the vegetation on the Island is found nowhere else in the world. The Island is home to a vibrant European honey bee population. We don’t know how they got here, but it’s likely they were introduced by the early settlers.