Apis cerana & Varroa Jacobsoni in Townsville – Update No. 9

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I would advise that a fifth detection of Asian bees (Apis cerana) has been made in Townsville on Tuesday 6 September. This was in an area, near 3POR and 4POR, where beelining has been taking place. No Varroa jacobsoni were found in the nest so this becomes 5POR.

There were around 2,500 bees in the nest with 250 drones.

The nest was located in the eaves of a house. The nest was in a poor condition with evidence of what looks like chalkbrood and small hive beetles and beetle larvae in the nest. Testing will be carried out to determine if it is chalkbrood.

The age seems to be similar to 4POR.

The usual genetic testing will be carried out on the bees.

There are still foraging bees in the area so beelining will continue to locate and destroy that nest/s.

Trevor Weatherhead
Executive Director
9 September, 2016