Help promote the swarm register

Each year ABA members provide a valuable service in the community, collecting swarms that have settled in inconvenient places.

Here's your chance to help promote that service so members of the public know how to contact a beekeeper able to offer bee-friendly advice.

The ABA has produced cards to promote the register and these are available through the website. The cards are free to club secretaries, and just $10 for a box of 250 if individual members wish to order. The cards list the link to the directory, and on the reverse outline the reasons why bees swarm and what to do if you encounter them. The cards are the size of a regular business card and are designed to be handed out at club events, at stalls and distributed wherever members of the public may go seeking help about swarms.

The ABA has also produced a pack of materials to help clubs promote the swarm register through local media.

Ask your club secretary for details if you can help publicise the important work ABA members do each year to help out their local community.