New NSW Permit for movement of hives into NSW

NSW DPI has issued a new group permit (the permit) for the purposes of moving or causing the movement of bee hives (with and without bees) and components thereof into NSW, effective from the 4 July 2019.

A copy of the permit can be found on the NSW DPI webpage. This permit replaces the previous permit issued on the 7 June 2018. 

Important aspects of the permit include the permission for hives contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with American foulbrood to be moved into NSW if bees are euthanized, the hive is made bee proof and NSW DPI is appropriately notified in line with permit conditions prior to movement of the hive into NSW. 

This will likely be relevant for many beekeepers planning to attend pollination events in Victoria in the coming months. 

It is important to note that this permit applies only to beekeepers based and registered within NSW. Beekeepers who are not registered in NSW will need to acquire an individual permit from NSW DPI by completing a Biosecurity Permit Application before moving bee hives into NSW.