Rosie Stern: An update on Australian Research on the Glycaemic Index and Prebiotic effects of Australian Honeys

The presentation will briefly outline the presenter’s contribution to Australian research on the health aspects of Australian honey from 1999 to 2019. In particular, the presenter will describe the results of research into the Glycaemic index(GI) of honey and the prebiotic effects of honey. The Glycaemic Index is a measure of how different carbohydrates (sugars) in foods effect blood sugar levels. Foods containing carbohydrates are ranked according to their effect on the blood glucose levels. Honey has been of interest as affecting blood sugar levels because of the high percent of sugars in honey and the health effects for persons with health disorders such as diabetes. A Prebiotic is a food ingredient that beneficially affects an individual by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of bacteria in the large bowel. Honey has been of interest as affecting the bacteria in the large bowel because of the oligosaccharides (long chain sugars) in honey and the health effects for persons with bowel disorders such as irritable bowel and constipation. The presentation will outline where Honeys were sourced from in Australia, methods of testing performed and results of the testing. The presentation will also outline which Australian honeys are permitted to have nutrition health claims on their labels. Nutrition health claims are voluntary statements made by food businesses on labels and in advertising about a food. The claim refers to a relationship between a food and health.