How do I register as a swarm collector?

Adding your details for the first time

  • To add your details to the swarm register you must be a financial member of the ABA, and a registered beekeeper. You will need a DPI registration number to complete this process.

  • Go to

  • Click Beekeeper login

  • Click Sign Up

  • Enter your name and email, and choose a password

  • Click Submit

  • Once your details have been verified against the ABA Membership System, you will receive an email allowing you to log in and add your details.

  • Note that the ABA requires your message to indicate any nominal charge for expenses you may make. No advertising of any form is permitted.

  • You must provide your DPI registration number. The system will prompt you for this.

  • The public view will display your name, location and phone number, so there is no need to include them in the Swarm Message.

  • Enter up to ten postcodes where you are willing to collect swarms..

  • Press Submit to save your changes. Your details will be live on the website immediately.