How do I register as a swarm collector?

Adding your details for the first time

  • To add your details to the swarm register you must be a financial member of the ABA, and a registered beekeeper. You will need a DPI registration number to complete this process.
  • Sign in to the ABA Membership System.
  • To add your details to the Swarm collectors system:
    • Go to the Payment tab
    • Select To Pay
    • Then select Swarm Collector from the Optional Extras list
    • This will present the Swarm Collector screen. This allows you to elect to have your swarm collecting post codes made visible to the public.
    • You will then need to click in the Select check box, and click Next to enter your details.
    • Note that the ABA requires your message to the public to include your base location and to indicate any nominal charge for expenses you may make. No advertising of any form is permitted.
    • You must provide your DPI registration number. The system will prompt you for this.
    • The public view will display your First Name and your Mobile phone number, so there is no need to include them in the Swarm Message.
    • Scroll down this window to allow entry of up to ten postcodes where you are willing to collect swarms..
    • Press Submit to save your changes. The web pages are updated each week so allow a little time before your swarm details are made public.