How do I update my details on the Swarm System?

To adjust your swarm settings

If you have already entered your swarm details and want to change some details.

  • Go to

  • Click Beekeeper login

  • If this is your first time accessing the new Swarm System, click “forgot?” to set a new password.

  • Click Update swarm settings

  • Note the “Are you willing to collect swarms” setting:

    • With this set to “yes” your message will be shown when one of your listed postcodes is searched by a member of the public looking for a swarm collector.

    • Changing it to “no” will keep your swarm message and elected post codes on record but not reveal your message when a person with a swarm searches on one of your listed postcodes.

  • Click Submit to save your changes

  • Your changes will be visible on the website immediately.